Join us for walk-in social tennis sessions

Social Tennis is very popular - no prior booking is necessary and no commitment! Just turn up if you feel like having a hit. Each day’s session cost is $22.

*Please note that as there is no prior booking sometimes there may be quieter days.

Join our meetup group to connect with our social tennis community HERE!

FRIDAYS - 6.00PM TO 8.00PM

The Friday session is designed for beginners, those having lessons and lower level players looking to practice with others of the same standard and to progress to playing games and sets. We will try to match you up on a court with players of similar ability.

SUNDAYS - 3.00PM TO 6.00PM

Sunday Social Tennis is one of the most popular activities down at the Albert Park Tennis and Hockey Centre. The Sunday session consists mostly of sets of doubles and is designed for intermediate plus level players who can play at a competitive (but social) level. Arrive and leave whenever you like between the hours of 3.00pm to 6.00pm.

Tennis players embracing